Quality, Safety, Environment

We strive to offer a high-quality service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. The safety of our crew and cargo is paramount and we always act in an environmentally responsible manner.

Quality, Safety and the Environment are the foundations of our long term outlook.

If we continue to deliver on each aspect, then we believe we can offer the finest service in the industry.


Our ambition is simple.  We want to provide our customers with a high-quality, flexible and cost-effective service that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

To do this we aim to provide consistent excellence through the quality of both our fleet and the people that crew and manage it.

That is why we continually invest heavily in both our tonnage and our workforce.


We strive to raise our standards and improve our safety performance.

To achieve these goals our crew carry out frequent and routine analysis of the vessels’ maintenance and upkeep.  The state of the ships must pass a checklist of strict criteria.

Should any part of the ship not meet the high standards demanded, our best practice guidelines require repair work to be carried out within 7 days of notification.


We understand that long-term growth for our business goes hand-in-hand with ensuring a sustainable future for the environment.

It is therefore our strict policy to operate fully in compliance with the highest standards we set ourselves as well as all international regulations concerning environmental protection.

In this respect we carry out rigorous procedures and checks to ensure we constantly meet these targets and consequently minimize the environmental impacts of our operations.

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