STAR Reefers has a long standing presence in the worldwide banana trade, working closely with producers and exporters. 


We are involved in most of the large volume banana trade routes:


  • Central America and Caribbean to Northern Europe
  • Central America to Middle East
  • Central America to Mediterranean & Black sea
  • Ecuador to Southern Europe/East Mediterranean/North Africa
  • West Africa to Europe
  • Ecuador to the Baltic States and Russia
  • Philippines to Japan and the Middle East


These services are customised in order to maximise the value we can offer to our clients. 


As well as customised services designed to suit the needs of larger exporters and producers, STAR Reefers also operates a number of dedicated Liner Services catering to the smaller exporters.



The main Liner Trades currently operated by STAR Reefers are:


  • Argentina / Uruguay to the Baltic States (citrus)
  • South Africa to Japan (citrus)
  • Ecuador to St. Petersburg (bananas)


In addition to the year round banana business, STAR Reefers has a high profile in the main seasonal deciduous and citrus trades.

We offer a range of services to our clients in South and West Africa, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand ranging from time and voyage charters to liner and parcel services (for more detail see Liner Trades).



While the focus of our business is on fruit our vessels also regularly carry frozen, bagged and general/dry cargoes, often for positioning purposes or to minimise ballasting costs.


Some examples of cargo which can be loaded are frozen meats (chicken, fish and beef), dairy products, vegetables, packaging materials (paper and cardboard) and vehicles.

All of these commodities are traded to and from regular ports of call for our vessels and have therefore become an integral part of our trading patterns.